Las Cruces Timbers Coffee Fundraiser 12oz Bag Whole Bean

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Founded in 2009, Picacho Coffee, a family owned and operated business, roasts nothing but 100% specialty grade, fresh crop, shade grown arabica: the highest grade coffee in the World. Our menu features unique origin and estate coffees including a number of microlots, organic and Fair Trade options.
We work closely with our importers to provide farm-direct access to small holders of the World’s best specialty coffees. The individual farmers, mill operators and coffee pickers who produce our origins and estate coffees enjoy prices and wages that far exceed industry standards, and often make a premium of 100% over market. Through Fair-Trade practices, we help provide essential goods and services to their communities and families.

We are excited to offer you three of our finest single origins 

.  Thank you!


Choices of Coffee:

Light Roast: Guatemala, Finca Dulce Leonarda

Medium Roast: Columbia Supremo: Bucaramanga Santander

Dark Roast: Mexico, Chiapas: Rancho San Francisco

 The money made off the fundraiser will be use for soccer tournament fees, jerseys and other fees with soccer.